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Back from hackweek #9 - 8-12 April 2013

This article in french here : De retour de la hackweek #9 - 8-12 Avril 2013.
I am now back from Nuremberg where I joined the hackweek #9 within the openSUSE ARM team.

Firstly, it was really great to meet other members of the ARM team or simply from openSUSE, all of them are really nice people! Thanks a lot to the openSUSE Travel Support Program, which allow me to join this hackweek at Nuremberg.

This hackweek last 5 days and lots of work have been done.
All progresses done during this week, and before, are available in the news:
Most important things are the enhanced support of Samsung Series 3 Chromebook laptop, based on an ARM Cortex A15 dual core (1.7 GHz) and with 2 GB of RAM.
The openSUSE Build Service (OBS) has replaced his old pandaboards and QEMU guest on x86, with new Arndale boards, much more powerful and supporting virtualization! This is the first and largest real world deployment of KVM on ARM!

Support of lots of systems have been enhanced et new systems have also been added. The current list of supported ARM devices is here: For more informations, please go to the ARM portal on openSUSE wiki on:

Please note also, that today, openSUSE provides more than 5700 packages for the future 64-bit ARM architecture: AArch64 (ARMv8). This is the biggest software pool for AArch64, including Java, Python, Perl, PHP and related packages.
For more information, see: Portal:ARM/AArch64

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